Puerto Vallarta photographer
Capturaimagen was born with the idea of offering my photography as a service that is my passion and now is also my work which is very full filling in many ways.
My name is Joel Avalos im a father of a little girl and husband of a beautifull wife and also im a photographer and I would like you to see my work which is for me a blessing because i really enjoy it.
Capturaimagen creation is recent but i have good experience in photography and i can offer you a unique personalized quality service.
im a photographer with no ties to any style, i feel good doing candids and portraits, i can be silent like a ninja or i can be driving people i think there is a situation for everything.The kind of photography i do doesn’t have a fixed style, it is what it is so you can judge by looking my pictures I think a picture is worth a thousand words.My workflow is defined by your needs and the way i capture the light.My work is not create, my work is capture the images and the beauty the only creator God provides.