The Mexican quinceanera celebration is traditionally one of the most sacred and sentimental times in a young girl's life. It is the public welcoming party of the girl into adulthood as she celebrates her 15th birthday. Quinceañera comes from the Spanish words quince (15) and años (years). Having reached physical capacity to reproduce, she is now treated as a young lady moving toward the socially expected goals of becoming a wife and a mother.
Alondra is a quinceañera girl who saw one of my wedding pictures and said i want this photographer for mis quince años, i was glad and fortuned to take the challenge, she is a runner a girlscout and a great student.
The Misa was at nuestra señora de Guadalupe en Puerto Vallarta, the party a hotel fiesta americana and the photo sessions at golf corse el tigre, San Sebastian del oeste and Marina beach Sunset.
Thank you Alondra and family