Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer

Puerto Vallarta wedding photography

Puerto Vallarta wedding photography has gained a lot popularity in recent years, our work as photographers to help you keep the best memories of your great day.
Besides from capture we will advise and take advantage of  timing, seasons, locations, venues,  photos , stylist, florist etc.
Puerto Vallarta is our paradise and a perfect place to have a wedding on the beach.

Couples will find different flavors when getting married in Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta offers a great backdrop for your memories  .

Romantic and breathtaking places for your dining reception, Puerto Vallarta is also the culinary jewel in the Pacific at the Mexican Riviera, Jalisco, we have great spots for a memorable lunch or dinner and an amazing encounter with Nature in your wedding.

Wedding photographer

Picking your destination wedding photographer in Mexico can be a real challenge if you don’t know what things to consider.

I’ll give you some key pointers that you should focus to pick your best wedding photographer.

  • Portfolio
  • Style of photographer
  • Referrals
  • Photographer personality and service
  • Budget

With this you can get the idea anyway it is explained in deep in an article How to choose your destination wedding photographer.

Wedding coordinator

Having a wedding coordinator reduces the stress of planning the ceremony, provides everything you need for an enjoyable and romantic honeymoon, and creates a relaxing getaway for your family and friends to enjoy.
A good coordinator will help you to pick the best times for the event and photos and will work hand by hand with your providers  and photographers to make the most of your day.
Our goal is to capture great memories of your wedding day, creating those memories that will warm your heart for a lifetime.

Puerto Vallarta location and venues

Puerto Vallarta is located in the pacific, right in the middle of Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta is a small port but we are surrounded by other towns, residential and touristic complexes.
Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific so sunset is on set over the sea.
Some spots on the bay change the sunset and sunrise  because we are on bay almost with a U shape,  For Example some parts of Punta Mita have a sunset on the sea and others in in the back side due to its geographic location.
When you are choosing a wedding location, you just can’t find more romance or attention to detail than Our beautiful bay, the places we love the most is Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita, Nuevo Vallarta, Sayulita and some exclusive barely known awesome spots oceanside.

Wedding venues divides in 3 Private Villas, Hotels and restaurants.

Private Villas is the most flexible option for your wedding venue as it will be only for you and you can do your wedding in your very own way.
Some private Villas have amazing views and exclusive beach, we have small medium and big Villas, some of them are very rustic old style while others are contemporary modern.
Weddings at villas require more coordination but they become a more personal and intimate ambiance.

Hotels are an easy way to have a great looking wedding as they  have many resources in the spot, some hotels offer a great level of customization as others have a some pre made packages  and some rules to follow to behave, schedule and providers.

Restaurants some restaurants in town to provide a variety of dining experiences for your entire group or wedding party, some of them have special place for ceremony and wedding reception.
Some others also have rooms for bride and groom get ready.

Light in Puerto Vallarta

Light is a key for your Puerto Vallarta wedding photography .
It is always good to program your photos and event while you have some natural light but also when is not to harsh.
The ideal thing to do would be start your ceremony as sun is lowering power and enjoy a fresher evening dinner.
Some places have place for beach ceremony and a shaded place for reception.

Puerto Vallarta is well known to have great sunsets, it is also a great time to have pictures and use it as backdrop.
After sunrise it is a great time for pictures specially for trashing the dress.
If you want a detailed time of sunsets and risings you can check time and date page it our toll of preference to know  with precision.


Even in rainy season, the rain normally falls in short bursts, most often at night, with most days being hot and dry.
Rainy season is from mid-June through mid October, it is almost impossible to know when the rain will come, if you are planning your wedding in that time you should have a covered place if the rain comes.
From November to June, there is virtually no rain. Daytime temperatures average between 80 and 90 degrees F. During these months, nighttime temperatures dip down to 70-75 degrees.

Our clients

As our clients  you will get photographs  that show genuine moments and receive the guidance at the moment you need.
our work always start before the event to help you and your coordinator to capture the memories of your wedding day.

 What kind of photos your wedding photos we shoot

We do candids all the time but when situation requires or you need help we will be there to assist or direct.
No wedding is the same, but here are some sample photos.

 Benefits of your wedding photos with us

  • Best quality-price relationship in the bay specially Puerto Vallarta wedding photography
  • You will feel proud of your wedding photos as they are the only living memory left after your wedding day.
  • No extra expenses on traveling as we are based in Puerto Vallarta area, around our área you will find awesome places Like Punta the Mita, Nuevo Vallarta, Sayulita, San Pancho, and others.
  • We know the place, as locals we can confirm that Puerto Vallarta is a great destination for wedding photos, the city is a small port in Mexico, it is a place surrounded by water and mountains like nowhere else.
  • Attitude and experience, we love our craft, We work with our hearth to capture the best that we can every time.
    We have been improving our work through the years and we have our customers to back us up as the best reference.


If you want to to see more of our work see our portfolio
If you want to to know more about our work see cost our cost and options

Please let me know if you have any question or anything I can help?
ill be happy to help!!!

My name is Joel Avalos i´m a a photographer i have been living in Puerto Vallarta since im five, as many photographers I have been learning photography on my own ways for years from different sources like, uncle Jorge, seminars, books, colleagues, watching movies and tutorials but most important thing playing with the camera.
Through the years i have been experimenting with light I assemble a studio and gather equipment as i got more and more into the field, as more i shoot more i learn and more i like it.
i love many kinds of photography but wedding photography gets me emotional because the most important and happiest day in my life was definitively my wedding day.
For me it was a day full of emotion, I felt crazy in love, nervous, anxious, happy, fulfilled etc i have no words to explain but it is now for me a very especial day.
The day of my marriage I don’t want to forget I have beautiful memories of my wedding.
Thanks uncle Jorge for taking those pictures that is something i will never forget.
If you ask me, what style wedding photography do i have?, mmm journalist or portrait maker, im not neither i dont like to label my self with a style i would say i am a just a photographer and if you like my work call me and we can talk.
In a wedding i capture details, spontaneous moments, i pose people, and take formal shoots.
Also i ask a lot so i know what do you need also that way i can give you a good recommendation and i can assist you better.
Joel Avalos
the photographer

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